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Animal production without antibiotics

Currently, one of the greatest concerns of the 21st century is regarding the production of superbugs, resulting from a selection of the indiscriminate use of antibiotics. Concomitant to this, the eyes of the world turned to animal production, mainly chicken and pig production, due to the high use of antibiotics for veterinary and productive use. The biggest concern regarding the use of antibiotics in animal production is the possibility of developing cross-resistance and resistance to multiple antibiotics.

In this scenario, the consumer is increasingly attentive and demanding with the quality and production process of food. The appreciation of healthy and sustainable consumption is growing, and antibiotic-free production grows in response to this demand and the advances in regulatory requirements. In view of this, the challenge of feed production seeks alternatives to antibiotics, and the technologies of natural zootechnical additives that include organic acids, probiotics, prebiotics, symbiotics, phytogenic compounds, among others, are presented.

The use of organic acids promotes enzymatic activation, control of bacteria by changes in intestinal pH and improvement in the production of bile salts. probiotics are living organisms that act in a beneficial way to the host. These beneficial microorganisms bind to sites in the intestinal mucosa, “excluding” pathogenic bacteria from those sites. Prebiotics are food supplements to benefit healthy gut bacteria. When the probiotics and prebiotics are added together, we have the symbiotics, which are the probiotics with the greatest survival and adaptation apparatus. phytogenics , potentiating plant compounds added to the diet, which can be antibacterial, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, etc.

So with these alternatives we can infer that animal production without antibiotics is viable, and it is already the future. Brazil as a giant producer of protein of animal origin is attentive and following the evolution of the most demanding markets, such as the European Union, which since 2006 has been fighting animal production without antibiotics.

Guided by sustainability and safer production, we at OPTA have in our portfolio zootechnical additives, organic acids, enzymes and ingredients aligned to meet this productive challenge, as well as a robust nutritional strategy. TGI improvement. For more information contact us.