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Know our History

OPTA, a company with a trajectory of more than 20 years focused on marketing products aligned with the most demanding levels of sustainability, which are divided into three business units: Animal Nutrition, Special Grains, Food Grade and Agricultural Inputs.

The products we develop and distribute come from partners in different parts of the world. They are produced according to the most modern international quality standards, using quality management tools such as Good Agricultural Practices (BPA), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and metrology.

We seek maximum competence in our performance and to achieve this goal, we are always in contact with the consumer market, so that we are always up to date in understanding the dynamic macroeconomic scenario that interferes in the daily lives and future of our customers and their activities.

Transparency and strong ethical values ​​allow us to build a broad, coherent and aligned portfolio with the most modern ingredients for animal and human food. This portfolio built on proactive and clear relationships, where the search for operating strategies, implementation of actions and constant monitoring of the effectiveness of these actions is notably an important part of our intellectual heritage.

Our customers find in OPTA the source of ingredients and services that allows them to increase the added value of their activity, taking into account all the regulatory developments that we are experiencing in recent times and always looking for innovations that enhance the most visionary future scenarios.

We develop, with our customers, projects that seek to minimize costs, improve zootechnical indexes, build alternatives to new regulatory scenarios and, above all, align agricultural and agro-industrial production to the dynamic desire of the global collective conscience.

Our Mission

Contribute to sustainable agricultural and agro-industrial development, valuing
social and environmental resources.

Our Principles

Portfolio based on sustainability

Excellence in service

Transparency and organization

Optimization of operating costs

Vocation for technical development of products and services

Participate in all business possibilities

Propose value strategies to business partners

Constantly report market trends with projections and planning

Foundation in 1998

Service provider, consultancy and commercial representation

Foundation in 2007

Comercial Distribuidora, Industrial, Import and Export