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FARMATAN ™ BELCO is a zootechnical additive composed of chestnut extract ( Castanea sativa mill) also known as Portuguese chestnut, organic acids and essential oils, and is produced by the innovative Slovenian company Tanin sevnica. The additive acts as a balancer of the gastrointestinal tract (TGI) microbiota, a natural antibiotic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and is intended for birds and pigs of all ages.

Hydrolyzable Tannins

Thanks to the presence of hydrolyzable tannins, FARMATN ™ BELCO has antimicrobial activity resulting from the action of tannin as an inhibitor of enzymes and microbial substrates, and also has antioxidant properties due to the scavenging of free radicals.

Butyric acid

Concomitantly, butyric acid, which is also included in the composition, is an excellent source of energy for the intestinal epithelial cells, helping in cell renewal, health and villous development, while also giving a pool to the immune system with the stimulus of neutrophil migration.

Essential oils

FARMATAN ™ BELCO presents essential oils of cinnamon and oregano, having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activities.

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The balance of the microbiota is summarized in two stages. In the first, at the beginning of the TGI there is the production of short chain fatty acids (AGCC) such as propionate and acetate. The second, in the large intestine, produces mainly butyrate, an important source of energy for intestinal cells.

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  • Increased area of ​​absorption of nutrients in the intestine thanks to the larger size of the villi;
  • Positive impact on the immune system;
  • Balance of intestinal flora;
  • Greater digestibility of feed.


  • Reduces negative impacts after weaning;
  • Balance of the intestinal microbiota and higher animal performance;
  • Improvement in zootechnical indexes;
  • Villous growth;
  • Control of bacteria by reducing the pH.

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