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Agricultural Imputs

Fertilizer Lines

The product lines BOKASHI and TERRAPLANT,
its purpose is to fertilize the soil and not just the plants. The performance of these products is dynamic, acting with a differential in the rhizosphere microbiota.

The rhizosphere is the portion of the soil in which the roots are found, a region of intense physical and chemical reactions between soil and plants. The rhizosphere is a complex environment, which has a direct influence on root growth and, consequently, on productivity.



BOKASHI® inputs are produced using selected raw materials, brought together in a balanced way, to pass through the controlled fermentation process.

The BOKASHI® line is composed of liquid organic fertilizer (FERT BOKASHI), bran organic fertilizer (NUTRI and MASTER BOKASHI) and substrates made with organic materials (PLANT and GARDEN BOKASHI).



The TERRAPLANT line of fertilizers are high quality organic inputs, originating from controlled fermentation from poultry poultry, being registered by MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply).

The base product MULTISOLO® is composed of more than 50% of organic matter, besides being an exceptional source of micro and macronutrients for different cultures. This line is composed by the products: MULTISOLO® (bran fertilizer), GRANUPLANT® (granulated fertilizer) and MINERPLANT® (organomineral).

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